JBP Printing Associates - Promotional Magnets

Magnets are a good way to promote your business. Keep your company name and marketing messages in sight with JBP Printing promotional refrigerator magnets. We have a wide array of magnet sizes and shapes to choose from including business card magnets, calendar magnets, save the date wedding magnets, shape magnets, schedule magnets, etc. Take a look around to find the exact promotional fridge magnets you're looking for. After all, magnets are the most cost effective sales aid money can buy and we're here to help. Your message will stay front and center because promotional magnets are fun, smart and useful!

  • Business Cards
  • Business card Keeper with Calendar
  • 4 Color Process Stock Shape Magnets
  • 4 Color Process Stock Picture Frame/Message Magnets
  • 4 color Process Calendar Magnets
  • 4 Color Process Schedule Magnets
  • Circle & Stock Magnets
  • Health Care Stock Magnets
  • Phone & House Stock Magnets
  • Educational & Technology Stock Magnets
  • Transportation Stock Magnets
  • Food Stock Magnets
  • State Stock Magnets
  • Sport Schedule Magnets
  • Glo-In-the-Dark Magnets
  • Ribbon Magnets
  • Car Sign Magnets